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Future projects

This page shows my future projects, collaborations and plans. 

These projects are confirmed and are things you can expect from me in the future!


Bizzey is a Dutch rapper known for his records “Traag”, “JA!” and “Culo". Combining Dutch rap lyrics with Spanish beats he managed to accumulate fame around the world specially in the Netherlands and Spanish influenced countries in South America.

In his previous career he was part of the Dutch DJ formation “Yellow Claw” who are known world-wide. The DJ formation is responsible for worldwide hits like “DJ Turn up”, “In my Room” and “New World”

After a successful DJ career he decided to go for a solo career as a rapper.

Project information

WARBB. and Bizzey met through a mutual friend when deciding to start collaborating on three NFT artworks. These art pieces will represent his live and will tell a story about his live and career. Each piece will represent a turning point in his career, one will feature his Yellow Claw experience, the other the birth of Bizzey and the last NFT will feature unfold and announce his future plans.

This story will feature vivid art combined with Bizzey as center piece. Collectors who have the privilege of buying one of these three pieces will also receive VIP entry to every show Bizzey will perform. This privilege will always be linked to the NFT owner.

Release date: Q2 2022

WARBB. x Bram Krikke

Bram Krikke started his career on YouTube with “De Knieperts”. After finishing school his career got jump started when he start working at SLAM! one of the biggest radio stations in the Netherlands. As Radio DJ he managed to get various awards like a Marconi Award “Most promising talent” and a Zilveren RadioSter “Best Radio presenter of the year 2019”. He continues making YouTube series which are highly anticipated by the Dutch audience every week.

After a 3 year span he transferred from SLAM! to Qmusic to co-host his own show. His quirky Instagram photo’s showcasing him photoshopped with various celebrities gain a lot attention on social media. He even broke the Dutch national record for most liked Instagram post in 2020.

Project information

Bram Krikke is an art collector. He is a big fan of the art that WARBB. creates. After a brief conversation it became clear that WARBB. wanted to make a special customized piece for Bram. Which will feature his personality and eastern eggs about is past and character.

Release date: Q2 2022


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