Warbb Sphere
Warbb Sphere


WARBB. is a digital artist.
The art can be defied as colorful mixed with depth and freedom.
The freedom to let your imagination run wild and see it as you perceive it.
That is why Robbin Snijders a.k.a. WARBB. started making art.
Creative freedom.
Without restrictions, opinions or concessions. 
Pure freedom and pure beauty.


WARBB. a.k.a Robbin Snijders started designing over 15 years ago. Colors, shapes and nature have always fascinated Robbin, from that fascination he started to develop his skills. Naturally Robbin takes inspiration out of colors, shapes and nature. 

Robbin started his own creative agency ROSH STUDIOS about four years ago where uses his creativity to help A brands get the most out of their visual advertising campaigns. The agency serves brands like Nike, JBL, Nvidia, MSI and many more. Brands bring clear instructions and demands which can limit the creativity of an artist to create the best possible outcome.

When Robbin received word that there was an emerging market on the blockchain called NFT he immediately felt drawn to it. This would provide a platform for him to create whatever comes to mind, free from restrictions and opinions. 

And so WARBB. is born.. 

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